If electronic music in 2011 needs a face or a spokesman, look no further than Skrillex's Sonny Moore, former front man of mid-'00s post-hardcore band From First to Last. As dubstep and all things electro continue their colorful assault on the ears of Generation Y's youngest members, becoming a sort of new rock and roll (shudder), expect to see plenty of Moore's face on magazine covers and ads as the industry struggles to find a personality for easy reference. Two weeks ago, Skrillex was a featured act at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, wrangling in diehards and curious onlookers to his set on one of the fest's biggest stages and drawing one of the largest crowds of the weekend. As for his musical output, so far just a collection of EPs and remixes, Skrillex acts as a compelling primer to the dubstep world. "Rock N' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)" and other cuts are an exercise in sensory overload for older folks, but smack right into the pleasure zone of a younger set weaned on Girl Talk and video games. Now let's see how long this electronica craze lasts. Paging Fatboy Slim...


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