Skyblue 72

2007 Houston Press Music Award winners for Best Pop Act, Skyblue72 also freely dabble — actually more than dabble — in reggae, prog, funk and hard rock on new CD Feel My Way Home. Feel My Way was recorded mostly live, and it feels that way. Those pop voters might key on "Dreamin' Again" or sunny opener "Dance in the Sun," but Zeppelin acolytes will dig the way "Firewater" modulates between acoustic calm and titanic riffs. The nearly eight-minute "Bobbleheads (Can't Stop)" should appeal to fans of face-melting guitar freakouts, and even hip-hop heads might nod along to Zin's guest verse on "Seven." If that sounds like a lot to take in, it is, but the trio's ample chops help ease the transitions as drummer Jessica Zweback's impassioned vocals — strongly reminiscent of Austin's Patrice Pike — take the helm.


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