Slideshow: Snakes on an Album

Slideshow: Snakes on an Album

One of the songs slithering around Rocks Off's head lately is "Snake Farm," the title track to grizzled Hill Country troubador Ray Wylie Hubbard's 2006 album, where the singer and a comely employee of the ramshackle reptile house between San Marcos and New Braunfels get it on amongst the other tongue-flicking creatures.

That set him wondering how many other musicians the legless vipers have inspired, both musically and visually, and it turns out quite a few others have snakes on the brain. All manner of serpents have appeared on album covers in cartoon, near-abstract, Fangoria and - in a couple of brave muscians' cases - quite real form. Like Jim Carrey memorably said on Saturday Night Live, come along with Rocks off and ride the snake... - Chris Gray

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