Slim Thug At House Of Blues, Twitter Edition
Photos by Marco Torres

Slim Thug At House Of Blues, Twitter Edition

Wednesday, freshly shorn Houston rapper Slim Thug already had the Twitterverse buzzing about his attempted clarification of a recent blog - which he now claims was a phone interview for VIBE - that got him into hot water due to some comments about dating white women vs. black women. Then Thugga took the stage at House of Blues Wednesday night with a live band and guests Z-Ro, Lil Keke and Chamillionaire...

veronicastorm: Houston is out for Slim Thug!

shaunsharma: joe your heart out... we're popping bottles at our table at the slim thug show.

Rafiki5: Slim Thug's up next. Better wreck cause I don't judge with a curve.

TMiII20: "@TheNicWise: All yall have fun at the Slim Thug show 2nite.... know its gunna be thick in House of Blues"

Mondabear: Ok slim thug need to realize I have a bedtime lol

Slim Thug At House Of Blues, Twitter Edition

JordanKnowsBest: Is the slim thug concert poppin??

Mondabear: Ha I'm so late cuz I didn't kno slim thug had#nobraids lol

Rafiki5: Slim Thug on the mic, nigga wrecking.

JRmartins713: @GODJJBOSS awww yall j boss gonna get it for what he just did @ the house of blues with slim thug

ruready4renee: HOB Is off the chain w/slim thug everybody here brand g. Charlie boy chamil. Keke.if u ain't slap yaself

LadyDylanJ: I'm lovin this slim thug show! Him anzeo and cham

Red_LiCKHeRiSH: @playarabbit Slim Thug in concert..I hear its live 2nite too.. lots of other guests

chamillionaire: Slim Thug + Live Band = Unexpectedly dope.

FranciaMuzik: Partying wit my boy Slim Thug ;)

Ms_Ronzie: This chic at slim thug afta party dancing to drake like she at tha strip club lol.

propain713: The slim thug concert was off the chain. That nigga put on for houston tonight. Shame on you if u missed it.

BRIAOFFICIAL: @slimthugga im so drunk yo ass got me not goin to work

Although many other fans no doubt slept in this morning as well, Slim himself appears to have been up early...

roezmahree: Spotted: Slim Thug in line at the Galleria Apple store waiting on #iphone4.


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