Slim Thug, Bun B, and Paul Wall Agree the Cougars are Kind of Awesome

Slim Thug, Bun B, and Paul Wall Agree the Cougars are Kind of Awesome
Photo by Marc Brubaker

Well, this is weird. There's an undefeated team in town. And with the 12-0 Cougars hosting Southern Miss this Saturday, H-town loyalty is understandably high. We now have the perfect anthem for this weekend's conference showdown, thanks to a triumvirate of Houston hip-hop titans.

For his newest edition of the increasingly awesome Thug Thursdays, Slim Thug recruited Paul Wall and Bun B to help inspire Cougar pride. "U of H Fight Song" is a triumphant throwdown of sorts, leather-cushioned with thick drums, trumpets and sports references, the beat so emphatically charming that you forget it's actually a novelty tune.

Listen up.

Slim Thug, Bun B, & Paul Wall - "U of H Fight Song"

Sample Lyrics

Slim Thug: "My team stay winning from beginning to the ending/Me and Paul Wall the perfect match like Pat & Keenum"

Paul Wall: "I've been calling plays like Coach Sumlin, you can go review my stats..." / "I'm here running routes like Patrick Edwards"

Bun B: "It's nothing. Got ground game. Got air game. Got defense. It's not fair, mayne/And I swear, mayne, don't try to disrespect us, cuz when you diss the Cougars, mayne you dissing Houston, TX"

Hol' up.

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