Stageside Blogging: A Brief Interlude

Stageside Blogging: A Brief Interlude

We're on a break right now, waiting for Arthur Yoria, and some more awards, but the John Evans Band (above) was all shook up a minute ago. Now it's Arthur Yoria's turn (below). I hear a little Coldplay in there, and a lot of harmonica.

Stageside Blogging: A Brief Interlude

Beetle just took Tribute Band, so we'll hang for a couple more. Johnny Bravo just called his mom onstage too. Black Math Experiment for Best Unclassifiable. That's one of my favorite things about the awards - they recognize that sometimes (often, even) music can't be penned in by an adjective or two. Black Math, meanwhile, is still totally in love with Bun B.

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