Stanton Moore feat. Anders Osborne Trio

Unless you are from New Orleans or are the kind of music nerd who reads drum magazines — who knew, right? — chances are Stanton Moore isn't exactly on the tip of your tongue. But among drummers, the jam-band community and New Orleans music aficionados, Moore is a giant. A founding member of the almost religiously revered New Orleans jazz-funk collective Galactic, Moore is both a master of his instrument and a noted music historian and teacher. Augmenting his usual trio Saturday with New Orleans blues-rock guitar cruncher Anders Osborne, Moore will present his latest work, Groove Alchemy, which explores the origins of funk and the styles of the drummers who shaped the genre. With this kind of musical firepower present, Last Concert Cafe might want to tip off the fire marshal. Never mind... we know what happens when the fire marshal drops by LCC.


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