Steel Panther

The last time we saw Steel Panther at House of Blues was a little over a month ago, and we sat, mouth agape, at the pantload of awesome unfolding before us for nearly two hours. The L.A.-based metal parody band made us want to kick our parents in the shins for making us too late to experience Mötley Crüe and Poison in their respective heydays. Panther simply pulls off the era's aesthetic to expert detail; even their music videos seem to have come from 1987. What's cool about the hirsute band is that they mix their own faux power ballads in with ace hair-metal covers. The sentiments behind hilarious originals "Community Property" and "Fat Girl" may be less than admirable, but the band does them with such conviction that you will be singing along about dongs, rockets and screwing within one chorus.


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