Steely Dan

For a band that once famously rejected live gigging in favor of holing up in studios to create meticulously crafted records, Steely Dan has surprisingly become late-career road dogs. On "Think Fast," SD's fifth tour this decade alone, Donald Fagen, Walter Becker and their crack band will plow — smoothly, of course — through their '70s catalogue, in addition to more recent material like 2003's Everything Must Go and selections from solo material such as Fagen's Morph the Cat and Becker's new Circus Money. Previous Houston stops have been playing to the vast lawn at the Woodlands, but this time the Verizon will make for a much more intimate setting to hear Steely's crisp sax blows, tasty guitar licks and Fagen's wry, slightly pervy vocals. And while some may dismiss the Dan as overplayed Yacht Rockers who should set sail for Annandale and stay there, fans will be more than happy to spend an evening with old friends like Peg, Josie, Kid Charlemagne, the Showbiz Kids and Cousin Dupree.


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