Stereo Total

Given the average lifespan of European techno bands, Berlin's Stereo Total, which has now been around over 15 years, is a true graybeard. Credit goes to Francoise Cactus and Brezel Goring for their extreme musical adventurousness and monumental sense of humor that allows the pair to create fresh music described by Wikipedia as "electro-pop, New Wave, punk rock, synth-pop, garage-rock, indie, and lo-fi." Tongue-in-cheek song and album titles abound: Do the Bambi!, Monokini, Jukebox-Alarm, "Relax, Baby, Be Cool" and the insanely ironic "I Wanna Be a Momma." Whether rocking out or hacking at the edges of Euro-dance, the entire Stereo Total oeuvre screams "art school" and holds a big middle finger up to the cultural status quo. Touring in support of their current U.S. single "The Anti-Love Song," this is a don't-miss show by one of Europe's most enduring and endearing acts.

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