Steve Miller Band

Classic-rock radio has fooled us into thinking that the Steve Miller Band has always been a goofy, rhyme-spitting good-time act that your mom got high to. If you listen to the band's earliest stuff, at least before 1973's The Joker, you'll find that Miller and company were making quirky blues-rock, expertly crafted ramshackle stuff not that far removed from the later glut of pop hits that Miller unleashed on FM radio. Miller was a young blues purist, even trying to bust into the late-'60s party in Chicago before discovering the San Francisco scene out west. The Dallas native is still best known for singles like "Fly Like an Eagle," "Jungle Love" and "Jet Airliner," and can be heard at least once an hour on both of Houston's classic-rock stations. Today his set lists are full of the old reliables, plus a few covers from the likes of Muddy Waters, Otis Redding, Bobby "Blue" Bland and Jimmie Vaughan.


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