Street Dogs

Part Dropkick Murphys, part angry pit bulls on the loose with guitars, Boston punks Street Dogs take no political prisoners. Led by former Dropkicker Michael McColgan, this band's brand of punk is straight out of 1977: torrid, angry, political and almost perfect for our time. A straight-out cry of blue-collar populism, its manic, pissed off "Up the Union," with a bass line as wide as the interstate, could serve as an anthem for the Occupy Wall Streeters. Woe on the powers that be when enough people start marching and singing along to this and shaking their fists; it could be time to call out the National Guard and impose martial law. Any band that has its sociopolitical consciousness this together but that can still stay true to the delicious malice of the mosh pit is a rare commodity these days, when lots of punk bands either overthink it or don't think at all. And these guys are not only in it for the money, either: All proceeds from this monster punk lineup go to the Wounded Warrior Project, which works with Afghan/Iraq war veterans. It's oxymoronic, but Street Dogs are lovably mean. In a good way.


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