Stuff you need to know to avoid musical ostracism

The New Pornographers' "Myriad Harbour" will change your life. Promise. (Allegedly.)
Courtesy Matador Records

Poor Graphic Design

The New Pornographers' titanic struggle to come up with a halfway-decent album cover.

At least this one isn't bright green and yellow.


The New Pornographers

This song will change your life

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The New Pornographers' "Myriad Harbour."

Garish visuals aside, behold this slightly-less-cryptic-than-usual anthem from the wacky/beautiful Dan Bejar.

Sporting Trifles

Cleveland Cavaliers not named LeBron James.

Straight-up, fuck you guys.

Transcendent Concert Experience

John Doe at the Living Room Thursday night.

Splendid, but he really oughta give some thought to whipping up a solo acoustic version of "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline."

Coif Medicine

The similarity between Rihanna's hairdo while singing "Umbrella" on The Tonight Show and that picture of a pissed-off cat involuntarily wearing a cut-up lime as a helmet.

Enough with the bangs.

Wistful Reminiscences

Revisiting Peppers and Eggs, the two-disc comp of music from The Sopranos, while in mourning.

Alas, no Defiler.

Great Moments in Fake Bands


Funniest fake band in history, Spinal Tap excepted.

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