Summerfest Volunteers Now Full, Afterparties Finalized

• Summerfest approacheth. We can almost taste it. Or maybe that's just the Brooklyn Zoos at Boondocks, which will be hosting the official unofficial afterparty, featuring Roky Moon & BOLT and a super-secret special guest. • Dean's Downtown is also hosting an afterparty with Spain Colored Orange, You(genius) and more. • And here is 29-95's follow-up to Great Moments in Flaming Lipstory. • Here's some more previews from Houston Calling: Eastern Sea, Tax the Wolf, Ceeplus Bad Knives, The Gold Sounds, Sharks and Sailors, and The Lips. • The Chron reports that Willie Nelson is getting a street named after him in Austin. A street no doubt paid for with taxpayer money. Not that we're saying anything about that... we're just sayin'.

Summerfest Volunteers Now Full, Afterparties Finalized
Shelby Hohl

• MCM has been listening to M.I.A. a lot. Cosmic Sound's new EP gives us the same kind of feeling. • The Western Standards had some trouble with the pressing of their new LP, Energy Centre, but it should be out in a few more weeks or so.

Summerfest Volunteers Now Full, Afterparties Finalized

Houstonist has a review of Andrew Karnavas' Film Noir. • Fat Tony opines on the Houston music scene and the influence of unfamiliar territory. The post was prompted by an open question forum on his always-entertaining Tumblr blog. • Miss Leslie writes about the Trader's Village Country Music Roots Festival, and is grateful for all her fans. • LCD Soundsystem is looking for extras for a video shoot they're doing tomorrow. Can you look like you know how to party? Then show up at 5:30 p.m. at Dirt Bar on Yale. Attention local musicians, music bloggers and music organizations: have something that should be included in Magnolia City Mixtape? Leave a comment below or email brittanieshey (at) gmail (dot) com.

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