Supersuckers: Excellent taste in T-shirts, Ed.

Whether you were born with a tail or a pair of angel wings — or neither — the Supersuckers' fire-and-brimstone rock and roll circus is guaranteed to get your blood up. From early punk blasts like 1994 Sub Pop classic La Mano Cornuda (translated: The Horned Hand) to the twang period that found the band backing Steve Earle on their eponymous 1997 EP, up to the forthcoming Get It Together, Eddie Spaghetti's motley crew has lost none of its trademark piss and vinegar. (One new song is called "I'm a Fucking Genius.") Like ex-Houston Buff Dizzy Dean famously said, it ain't bragging if you can do it, and two nights of prime 'Suckers at the Continental Club — salty Gulf Coast jukebox Umbrella Man warms up Tuesday in its weekly slot; longtime Supersuckers pal Jesse Dayton drops the roadhouse hammer Wednesday — should have both band and crowd "Pretty Fucked Up" and then some.

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