If you like your punk rock with a good shot of country, and a lot of people 'round these parts do, only Social Distortion can match the Supersuckers' potent blend of twang and venom. Eddie Spaghetti and his forked-tongue henchmen first crawled out of Tucson nearly 20 years ago, making their way to Seattle and Sub Pop for two of the loudest, middle-finger-flying punk records of the '90s, 1992's The Smoke of Hell ("I Say Fuck") and '94 classic La Mano Cornuda ("On the Couch," "She's My Bitch"). A brief flirtation with MTV stardom thanks to 1996's "Born With a Tail" came next, but the Suckers' five-song Sub Pop song-swap with kindred outlaw spirit Steve Earle the next year really set the tone for their ensuing work: 1997's Must've Been High, 1999's The Evil Powers of Rock & Roll, 2003's Motherfuckers Be Trippin' — which contains one of the best-ever anthems about a party girl gone to seed, "Pretty Fucked Up" — and 2008's Get It Together. If you're thinking the band that once howled "Ron's Got the Cocaine" has mellowed with age, allow Spaghetti to set you straight, via "I Like It All, Man": "I like 'em skinny, I'll take 'em heavy, I like a Ford but I'll take a Chevy."


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