SXSW 2011: Videos and Photos Galore

What the @#$% happened last night? A City Pages SXSW recap of 3/17 from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

Want to experience SXSW 2011 but have a short attention span? Then check out the above video compiled by our sister paper City Pages which features several big-name performers plus highlight footage from the Village Voice Media/Frank 151 Showdown, where Wu-Tang Clan was the headlining band.

When you're done with that, take a gander at the next video, which show the mayhem that ensued as fans demolished a fence during the "secret" Death From Above 1979 reunion show.

Death From Above 1979 Riot at SXSW 3/19/11 from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

We took a ton of photos throughout the week. Pick your poison below:

You can also catch a full recap of the entire festival right here.

One more thing. Follow the jump for a video of probably the coolest thing we've seen on the streets of Austin. We promise it'll make your Monday.


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