SXSW Aftermath: Partying With Andrew WK > Sleep

SXSW Aftermath: Partying With Andrew WK > Sleep
Photos by Craig Hlavaty

Rocks Off stayed out past curfew (last call at the bars) to make our way to the Pure Volume party, just a few all too short hours ago. Headliner Andrew WK riled up the already drunken, burrito-fueled crowd with his staunchly pro-party anthems until way past 4 a.m. and right into Rocks Off's usual snoring season.

We had to be industrious to get into this shindig. Let's just say that it involved telling a guy the backdoor that were scouting the place out for this year's unofficial SXSW mascot, Bill Murray, who has been ubiquitous at most major parties and showcases this week.

SXSW Aftermath: Partying With Andrew WK > Sleep

The location off 5th Street has been packed nightly with party people clamoring to get from dusk and into the early dawn hours. That's SXSW for you, and to steal a line from WK, it's always time to party. Even though our feet had been screaming for rest since lunchtime.

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