SXSW: Guitar Shorty and Kimya Dawson

SXSW: Guitar Shorty and Kimya Dawson

Two free parties on South Congress this afternoon presented a study in opposites.

Down at Yard Dog Gallery, Guitar Shorty tore it up, searing through the blues, all with a half-crazed, white-toothed grin on his face. Dude even played with those teeth for a while.

SXSW: Guitar Shorty and Kimya Dawson

Meanwhile, Kimya Dawson (you know, that woman from the Juno soundtrack) had a much more subdued performance at the Hotel San Jose for the Good Magazine party. You can check out a little audio of "Chemistry" below. (And no, that bottle breaking you hear in the background was not an intentional part of the performance.)

All in all, the Good party was, well, pretty darn good. Being green was easy, with free bamboo T-shirts and solar panels fueling the stage. There was even an appearance by a PETA chicken who proudly proclaimed he wasn't a nugget.

SXSW: Guitar Shorty and Kimya Dawson

Well, at least he got our attention. -- Keith Plocek

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