SXSW: Human Eye Wants To Have A Pizza Party

SXSW: Human Eye Wants To Have A Pizza Party
Craig Hlavaty

Detroit fuzz-punk-psych rockers Human Eye caught our ears as we walked down 8th Street last night, leaving TV On The Radio at Stubb's. First the sound reeled us in, naturally, and then the live show had us planted in front of them for the rest of their 1 a.m. set at Headhunters.

But the best part, other than the heavy screamy jams, was the lead singer, Tim Vulgar searching for a black garbage bag full of pizza on stage. At first we thought he would throw the contents of the sack onto us in the crowd, but instead, he shoved a huge slice in his mouth and continued singing. Needless to say, we want them to play in Houston soon. Your move, Frank's Pizza.

Also, remember this creepy-ass thing?

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