SXSW Street Art

Austin is covered in flyers and bills this week. Cops and cleaners come by every morning and tear down all the crap from the walls and light poles, and street teamers roll back by in the afternoon and put the stuff back up.

But this week is also a chance for street artists to flex for an international audience, and there are quite a few fresh wheat-pastes up around town.

SXSW Street Art

What's up, vaquero? Nice lasso.

SXSW Street Art

Here we have a mammal from Los Angeles that looks cute but is ultimately annoying and known to multiply. Is this some kind of metaphor for East Austin gentrification?

SXSW Street Art

Marilyn has never looked so, um, big and glued to the side of a wall.

SXSW Street Art

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Death is calling, no doubt because he wants to tell you all about his highly hackneyed use of skull imagery.

-- Keith Plocek

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