SXSW: The "Super Bloody Mary Jam" at Red Eyed Fly

SXSW: The "Super Bloody Mary Jam" at Red Eyed Fly
Linda Leseman

If the bands at All Star Austin's "Super Bloody Mary Jam" Thursday afternoon at the Red Eyed Fly had been as good as the free Bloody Marys, I might have stayed longer. Shortly after the free booze ran out, so did my patience. The lead singer of L.A.'s Castledoor belongs in a boy band. J. Tillman is talented, if a bit of a one-note.

Imaad Wasif, also from L.A., was completely unimpressive during his unplugged set, but his plugged-in music on his MySpace page sounds more promising. Afternoons, making it three out of four from La-La Land took so long to set up that I simply gave up. I was debating whether or not I should venture out Thursday evening at all. Without free drinks, what's there to look forward to?

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