Ten Bands From the '00s Underground That Should Consider Reuniting

LCD Soundsystem
LCD Soundsystem
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All right, so they haven't been broken up as long as the bands in April's excellent look at '90s underground bands who should get back together. We still miss 'em. You know how it is: you get to remembering that album you loved from a few years back and think to yourself "Huh, I wonder when The So-and-So's are going to put out some new shit" and then you either remember that they broke up and there will be no more new shit, or worse, you discover the bad news after a cursory Wikipedia search. It's sad when good things go away. That'll never stop being true.

Here are some great bands we associate with the '00s -- even if they didn't get together in exactly that time frame -- who we think should put their differences aside and start making beautiful music again.

Ten Bands From the '00s Underground That Should Consider Reuniting

Low Vs. Diamond

They came out of nowhere, put out one of the best albums of 2008, debuted a few great new songs live on tour, but then split up before they could produce a follow-up. We read an interview once in which one of them said that their favorite thing was that moment in a song when everything comes together, and sure enough, they were amazing at manufacturing those huge cathartic crescendo moments. Their singer, Lucas Field, just put out a solo album but we're scared to listen to it for fear it won't live up to this stellar group effort. Don't worry, we'll get around to it, it'll just take a little bit of time.

Ten Bands From the '00s Underground That Should Consider Reuniting

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The Cooper Temple Clause

These guys put out three brilliant albums and then called it quits in 2007 after only five years of releasing LPs. Their debut album See This Through & Leave was a punch to the gut of well-crafted, hard-hitting alternative-prog rock that had everybody taking notice. Their final album Make This Your Own was a little all over the place yet still fantastic, but it was their sophomore album, Kick Up the Fires & Let the Flames Break Loose, that really stuck with Rocks Off. It did so for this reason: sonically, thematically, and even lyrically, it's a lot like the missing album in between The Bends and OK Computer that Radiohead never got to record. Which isn't to say that it's derivative because it's not, it certainly has its own sound, but we'd put it about on that level. Yes, it's that good. Listen to it and see what we mean.

Ten Bands From the '00s Underground That Should Consider Reuniting

Arab Strap

This wonderful band -- which you absolutely should not attempt to Google Image Search without the SafeFilter turned on -- were around and influential in Scotland during the late '90s, but the '00s saw them achieving worldwide success with a lacerating sound and an almost defiant Scottish brogue. Their final and greatest album The Last Romance was the one that got us into them, and sure enough, the day we heard it was the day we found out Arab Strap had called it quits. Found out about Cooper Temple Clause the same day, too. Man, that was a shitty day in 2007.

Ten Bands From the '00s Underground That Should Consider Reuniting

The Diableros

These guys almost went completely under Rocks Off's radar when, on a whim and via recommendation of a guy who worked at the record store, we purchased You Can't Break the Strings In Our Olympic Hearts, their second album. Listening to it on the drive home, we liked it immediately. A classic-garage-rock meets indie-rock mashup, they were all the best parts of Iggy Pop and Interpol combined, and if you don't think those sounds would work well together, we're happy to inform you that they do. We did at least get one more great -- if hard to find -- album out of these guys before they split, but we'd like more, please. It was a lot of fun introducing y'all to our friends on the way home from the bar.

Ten Bands From the '00s Underground That Should Consider Reuniting


Arrrgh, this one still hurts. 2007 was a year of great albums, and after releasing a trio of excellent EPs, Austin band Voxtrot finally got around to putting out a full-length, and damn, was it ever worth the wait. Their self-titled album was one of the best of the year, and spent most of the summer of 2007 in heavy rotation on Rocks Off's office headphones. Yeah, we had an office job at the time... ugh. Thank God for those headphones. We saw Voxtrot put on a killer live show in Austin and loved their 2009 digital single Trepanation Party. Listen to that huge, fuller sound. It looked like they still had their best stuff ahead of them, but then, in 2010, they abruptly called it quits. Sucked then, and sucks now. What the hell, Voxtrot?

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