Ten Rejected Glee Episodes

Ten Rejected Glee Episodes

It seems like Glee can make any song, no matter how trite, terrible, or just inappropriate for singing by high-school-age children into a runaway smash pop hit. However, Rocks Off would like to hypothesize that there are artists that are beyond even Fox's ability to mold into mainstream.

Here are some examples of episodes based around some more... unconventional musical stylings that aren't likely to see daylight on your TV any time soon.

The Legendary Pink Dots:

Brittany begins to wander around school barefoot in prophetic robes while the Gleesters slowly begin hanging on her every oddball utterance, culminating in a dream sequence where Brittany starts her own cult while singing "A Velvet Resurrection" at an assembly of enthralled students. Puck, Artie, and Finn sing a heavy metal trio version of "Princess Coldheart" to release some of their anger at the unreasonable romantic demands of the girls. Sue grows a lion tree. LPD founder Edward Ka-Spel guest stars as Brittany's psychiatrist.

Ten Rejected Glee Episodes

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Shock Treatment:

Fresh from the success of the Rocky Horror Glee Show, the cast finds themselves courted for a reality TV show on the Glee club using the music from the failed Rocky sequel. But what starts out as fun turns into a nightmare as an unscrupulous producer (Richard O'Brien) manipulates the kids against each other in the name of drama.

Kurt gets a solo version of "Breakin' Out," Rachel tries to take center stage in the show with an over-the-top version of "Me of Me," and Will and Sue go head to head in "Duel Duet," after it is revealed that the two are actually long lost siblings.

Sarah McLachlan:

Everyone slits their wrists after the Gleesters sing "Angel" at a memorial service held for McKinley's mascot, Titan the bulldog, after he is hit by a car and has to be put to sleep. Oh God, that is just the saddest thing we have ever typed.


Finn has finally had enough and re-enacts Three O'Clock High with his tormenting teammates while lookers-on provide soundtrack backing with "Knights of Cydonia." Meanwhile, Will has a nervous breakdown trying to find another Muse song worth listening to.


GWAR performs at the McKinley Prom. Mike Chang finally gets a solo with "The Road Behind," and the Gleesters have many wacky adventures in the bowels of the Earth Maggot.

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