Terri Hendrix

Terri Hendrix is one of the most successful DIY acts in Texas. Now in its tenth year, her Wilory Records imprint — rumored to have an e-mail list 150,000 names strong — is an entirely self-contained music-marketing machine, the envy of any number of just-getting-by record labels. On this trip in from her home on Canyon Lake, Hendrix is supporting her ninth and newest album, The Spiritual Kind, which she and others describe as a "hippie folk" record: deep thoughts, inward examination, power of positive thinking, all that stuff. The Spiritual Kind follows on the heels of her wildly successful children's record, Celebrate the Difference, for which she received XM Radio's "Kindie" award. Often appearing with producer/accompanist Lloyd Maines on acoustic guitar, Hendrix is a true genre-bender, and her shows are equal parts spunk and smart.


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