In the 1980s, Tesla were the anti-glam hard rock band. In fact, the Sacramento rockers were more Skynyrd than Skid Row. But, like baseball players forever associated with the steroid era, Tesla were never quite able to escape the teased and coiffed shadow of their hair band contemporaries or the "metal" label they never wanted. And yet, 25 years later, they are still going, with four of the five original members and a new album, Twister Wires, to boot. Later this year, the band will unplug and perform in support of The Acoustic Sessions, which was recorded at the same time as Twisted. The band had previous non-electrified success with their platinum live acoustic record Five Man Acoustical Jam, which produced their biggest hit, "Signs," a country rock cover of the 1970 hippie folk song. With Tesla, there is no need for labels...or hair spray.


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