Texas High School Rock Off

We wonder if the prospect of starting a band is as appealing to today's youth as it was for us and our older siblings. In the U.S., at least, it doesn't seem like it. The Rock Band and Guitar Hero video-game franchises virtualize the high points of the experience — mass adulation, technical supremacy — while leaving out more unpleasant aspects like years of playing near-empty rooms in third-tier cities and the drummer's girlfriend forcing him to choose between her and the band. And even though it's actually just as remote (if not more so), kids today see being chosen for TV-talent competitions like American Idol as a more direct path to stardom than the garage-and-van circuit. That said, the dream still exists for a handful of hardy high-schoolers. At last week's deadline, six Houston-area bands had entered the first annual Texas High School Rock Off, of which Houston Press music blog Rocks Off is a proud sponsor alongside Fuse and Sonicbids.com. Winner walks away with $500 and an opening slot at House of Blues for a national band TBD. (Oh, and a trophy.) Tickets start at $6.25, so come show your support — you'll probably be done by dinnertime anyway.


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