Texas Tornados

Bands replacing their front men is hardly uncommon these days, but we can't think of too many that do so with their original singer's offspring. If there would be one to do it, it would be the Texas Tornados. Shawn Sahm, who appeared with dad Doug on the cover of a 1968 issue of Rolling Stone, never fell very far from the Tex-Mex tree. Besides being the spitting image of his dad, who passed away in 1999, the younger Sahm carried on Sir Doug's legacy both in later incarnations of the Sir Douglas Quintet (with brother Shandon aboard as well) and then Shawn's own band the Tex-Mex Experience. So when surviving original Tornados Augie Meyers and Flaco Jimenez decided to reunite, Shawn was the only choice — especially since he had co-written several songs with his dad over the years, including groover "Who's to Blame, Senorita?" That song opens this year's ¡Está Bueno! (Bismeaux Records), the Tornados' first studio album since 1996. Besides the elder Sahm's "Chicano" and gorgeous psychedelic ballad "Girl Going Nowhere," Bueno tosses in several from Vox organ king Meyers and the final recordings of late Tornados co-founder and Tejano superstar Freddy Fender.


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