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Texas Watchdog: U Of H Covered Up KTRU Purchase Plans

UPDATE (4:07 p.m.) KTRU staff and the Friends of KTRU released a statement Thursday afternoon condemning both universities' actions in the station's sale. See it after the jump.

The investigative Web site Texas Watchdog says it has obtained emails that show the nonprofit agency hired by the University of Houston to negotiate the purchase of KTRU (91.7 FM) from Rice University encouraged U of H officials to keep their plans to buy the mostly student-operated station a secret.

Published this morning, Steve Miler's report cites emails from employees at Public Radio Capital to both U of H officials and the consultants hired by Rice that appear to recommend both universities work together to avoid tipping off KTRU's staff, the student bodies and the public to the impending sale. One recommends Rice create a "cover story" relating to why an engineer was visiting KTRU to evalute its assets:

"Rice can use any reason it chooses, some of which can include change of insurance, inventory needs, or any other plausible explanation," PRC's acquisitions director Erik Langner writes to Greg Guy at Rice's consultant counterpart, Patrick Communications. "UH will reimburse Rice for the cost of the inspection."

The report goes on to say that U of H system chancellor Dr. Renu Khator wanted to announce plans the school's plans to buy KTRU - besides KACC in Alvin, presently the only university-owned station FM station in the Houston area even partially staffed and programmed by students - this spring, but others at U of H advised her to keep the deal under wraps.

Although U of H officials deny doing anything wrong, others say the emails heighten the aura of suspicion surrounding the sale. "These add to the speculation that they tried to mislead," Joe Larsen, a board member of the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas, tells the Watchdog.

The U of H Board of Regents approved the purchase of KTRU in August, shortly after news of the proposed sale became public. The sale is now pending before the FCC, and the "public comment" period is scheduled to end Dec. 2. Should the sale go through, 91.7 will change to classical and fine-arts programming under the call letters KUHC, and KTRU will retain its current format at

Read the entire Texas Watchdog report here.

Thursday afternoon, KTRU staff and the Friends of KTRU released a statement condemning both universities' actions:

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