The 10 Most Fun Musical Instruments To Destroy

A company in Japan is making disposable guitars expressly made for smashing. At around $60 a pop, you won't be too terribly sad about hacking up the stage with it or clocking your bastard bassist or dullard drummer over the head at the end of the gig. Hell, at these prices you could open the show by destroying the damned thing. Suck on that, Pete Townshend.

This got us at Rocks Off wondering about smashing other instruments. Sadly, we don't have the funding to buy us instruments to destroy, nor would it be easy to explain that we needed to throw a grand piano off the roof for a blog. If we did, though, it would make some days much easier to get through knowing a trumpet or a snare drum would get the business end of our ire by quitting time.

Anybody can demolish a guitar, bust a mike stand or flatten a drum set; we have been party to plenty of those instances. We compiled a list of some of the best instruments to take out your rock and roll dreams and nightmares on, rating their degree of destructibility from one to ten.

The 10 Most Fun Musical Instruments To Destroy
All photos from Wikipedia unless specified/ Piano: Etincelles


Kill it with fire. It would be like processing a buffalo to hack it to bits with an ax or bat. Pictures of the burning piano would also make a killer album cover.

The 10 Most Fun Musical Instruments To Destroy

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A tuba seems like it would be fun to drag behind a car to make sparks. Do that.

The 10 Most Fun Musical Instruments To Destroy
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It seems like a piccolo would be fun to smash over your knee like a baseball bat, like Bo Jackson and Ken Caminiti used to do. Rest in peace, Cammy.


Ever since we saw Nine Inch Nails at the Woodstock '94 appearance we have wanted to destroy a keyboard, maybe a big ol' Korg or Yamaha rig. The best way to destroy a keyboard is while wearing a loincloth. In 1994.

The 10 Most Fun Musical Instruments To Destroy


We would punch out the skins of a pair of bongos with our fists, hold them up like we were a superhero named Bongo Man and then....

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