The 11 Sexiest Women Within the EDM Scene

The 11 Sexiest Women Within the EDM Scene

All right, I have to say it: For the most part, when EDM is brought up men are on top. What people tend to forget is about the sexy women that are sampled and featured within the DJs' work; not to mention there are some sexy women DJs out there too.

Now maybe it's because when people hear EDM and girls the first thought in their minds is hot girls in rave attire dancing away in the crowd. The role of sexy women within the EDM scene goes way beyond that.

There are beautiful ladies within the crowd, certainly but let us not forget the sexiest women of EDM who are onstage performing for us.

11. Elly Jackson (top)

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Many may not recognize this name at first, but they may recognize the name when I mention La Roux. Jackson is the lead singer of that electropop duo and has a distinct look to her. She is well-known for her interesting style and short red hair, but the thing is, she makes it sexy. Not to mention Skrillex has taken in Jackson's music to create his own remix of "In For the Kill." Other La Roux hits have been remixed and sampled by other DJs as well.

10. Nadia Ali

The 11 Sexiest Women Within the EDM Scene

This women has a killer voice and knows how to handle "Pressure" well. Ali was just in Houston on Saturday, July 14, singing away with Starkillers DJing in the background. Her "Love Story" hit No. 1 on the charts in 2008, and she even has a Grammy nomination to top it off. Her sexiness is just the icing on the cake.

9. Skylar Grey

The 11 Sexiest Women Within the EDM Scene

Yes, you've probably heard of her. She's a five-time Grammy nominee artist. Grey may be well-known for her vocals in Dr. Dre's song "I Need a Doctor," but she has fallen into the EDM scene in the work of Kaskade and more. Not only can she sing, but she plays piano and guitar.

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