The Adicts

English punk rock band The Adicts has managed to stay true to its signature Clockwork Orange motif (minus the disturbing, violent pillaging) since 1981. And the band's stage shows also have reserved that signature theme. During their shows, the six band members dress in all white, sporting black bowler hats. Lead singer Keith "Monkey" Warren paints his face like a joker, saying that he gets his makeup from "Gene Simmons's leftovers." Resembling clowns in a circus, they turn their performances into punk rock birthday parties, throwing confetti, playing cards, bubbles and glitter. The Adicts' distinctive style, along with their upbeat lyrics and fiddle playing, helped set them apart from other punk bands in the '80s and '90s. They've released nine studio albums since their debut, Songs of Praise, in 1981, including a rerecording of their first album. The Adicts continue to perform and create music, releasing a few albums per decade and making themselves a punk staple through every era since the 1980s.


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