The Best Christmas Gift Idea Evar

Thanks to Idolator, Rocks Off nearly had a stroke when he saw Mattel's new "Goth Punk Barbie," available exclusively at the Hard Rock Cafe's online Rock Shop for the not-so-low, low price of $70. Bitchin' lemon-yellow guitar sold separately, though this bad-girl Barbie does come with her own stand and, ahem, "Certificate of Authenticity."

Hard Rock already offers "Runway Barbie," with "retro, revival-inspired attire," which it might as well have just named "Beyonce Barbie." What's next? "Emo Barbie," with razor blades, extra eyeliner and mini-laptop for easy access to LiveJournal? "Boot Scootin' Barbie," with cowboy boots, denim jumper and Dolly Parton wig? "Bad Reputation Barbie," with studded leather jacket, Ramones T-shirt and Joan Jett-autographed Gibson SG? (HRC's "Barbie Pink," only $45, is already pretty close.)

Hopefully all of the above... - Chris Gray




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