The Best Slap-Fights, Verbal Or Otherwise, In Houston Rap History

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Last week, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall kicked off their 20-city "In Love Wit My Money" reunion tour in dreaded Austin. It's the first time the two have toured together in something like seven or eight years. Remember, these two gentlemen combined forces to create one of the best albums in Houston's history, so you should absolutely be pumped for their April 23rd Houston date at the House of Blues. It's huge, the rap equivalent to finding out that another Lethal Weapon is going to be filmed. Now, as tempting as that metaphor is to dissect and explain - black guy/white guy tandem; black guy is a little more serious and self-aware, white guy is goofy and seems a bit off even though he's probably pretty smart; both the movie and the Get Ya Mind Correct are now viewed as significant moments in cinematic/musical history; etc-- we're more concerned with using this bit of news to rehash a few of Houston's best rap-related slap-fights. Hit the jump to see which ones made the cut.

Chamillionaire vs. Mike Jones

This was about as one-sided as a war could be. Cham absolutely destroyed Jones with his

Mixtape Messiah

, a tape that also landed on The Countdown. Jones fired a few shots back, but none hit the mark.

Read more about this whole situation here.Honorable Mention:

Mike Jones vs. Trae (Seriously, is anyone better at getting the least of a rap slap-fight than Jones?); Mike Jones vs.

Houston Press fellow Mike Giglio
Lil' Flip vs. Paul Wall

Since we gave Cham a spot, it only seems right to work Wall in here as well. Remember when Flip and Slim Thug were going after each other's throats? Apparently, Wall was actually the intended target when Flip started in on that, and Thugga somehow took Flip's jabs at Paul to be shots at himself. The best part of this whole thing is Flip says Paul has a tattoo paying homage to Flip somewhere on his body. We spent about 15 minutes searching pictures of Wall's visible tattoos looking for it before we realized what we were doing. Then we shoved a pencil into our eyes.

Honorable Mention:

Lil' Flip vs. common sense (For real, Flip, cut the braids off, sir.)

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