The Big Tweet: Wild Moccasins Tour Edition

The Big Tweet: Wild Moccasins Tour Edition
Kim Douglass

It's now been exactly a week since the Wild Moccasins kicked off their first-ever extended tour with a sweaty show before a packed house at Mango's, and like a lot of people (we imagine), Rocks Off is curious how the H-pop heroes are faring on the road. Luckily, instead of having to rely on their finding a pay phone - though the Moccasins may not be old enough to know what one is - or somewhere with wi-fi (which isn't always easy out in the hinterlands), we can keep tabs on them through the miracle of Twitter. So far the band seems to be faring pretty well. They're eating, which is no guarantee on the road, found some free juice in Florida, saw a rock star walk by in Athens and appeared on CNN while visiting Atlanta Tuesday (hope they plugged their show). On the other hand, they've already had to pawn a pair of sunglasses. Either way, they're certainly taking a lot of pictures...

Wild Moccasins are learning all kinds of things on the road...
Wild Moccasins are learning all kinds of things on the road...

June 12, 4:22 p.m.: On our way to Lafayette, LA to play Artmosphere. everything fits in this 15 passenger perfectly. June 12, 6:51 p.m.: "it's shrimpalicious -Andrew Lee June 13, 10:06 a.m.: drive-thru cigarettes while leaving Lafayette June 13, 1:06 p.m., checking in with News on the March en route to Mobile: @notmband supposedly there is a wet t-shirt contest going on as well if you check the flyer. surprises! June 13: 6:05 p.m.: bathroom June 14, 3:50 a.m.: leaving Mobile for Tampa. our first overnight 8hr drive. we leave with memories of slutty peter pan characters, and gallagher smashing cake June 14, 4:20 a.m.: some guy tried to make out with andrew lee....seriously June 15, 10:52 a.m.: slept well in Tampa thanks to our new friends eric and evette. Never thought quarter machine hillbilly teeth could be funny. Next is Athens June 15, 12:25 p.m.: stopping at the Florida Citrus Center for free juice. June 15, 7:08 p.m.: walking around in Athens. June 16, 12:39 a.m.: loading stuff back in the van and Michael Stipe walks by with his friend. Not joking. "about 23 hours ago": just got into Atlanta and checked out WonderRoot. On our way to CNN and possibly an aquarium "about 22 hours ago": watch CNN now "about 21 hours ago": we were on CNN. "about 21 hours ago": some guy just told me he has magic mushrooms "about 16 hours ago": at WonderRoot pawning off Andrew Lee's sunglasses "about 1 hour ago": Cody at the wheel, on the way to NC. Debating where the best pizza pies are. Only three weeks to go... good luck, guys! Follow the Moccasins' further exploits on the road here.

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