The Black Lips

In the Black Lips' recent video for "Go Out and Get It," the Atlanta garage boys are seen on a cruise ship and on some tropical beach surrounded by vacationing bikini-clad hipster gals, all messy hair and sunglasses, sipping drinks like some endless Sunday Funday. The song comes from the band's upcoming Arabia Mountain, which was helmed by young wunderkind producer Mark Ronson, who most recently brought Duran Duran back to their mid-'80s zenith, and has worked with such disparate artists as disparate as Amy Winehouse, Adele, Lily Allen, Ol' Dirty Bastard and Kaiser Chiefs. On Arabia, Ronson gives a sunny spit-shine to the sound that the Vice Records band has cultivated since their Bomp! and In The Red days, a mash-up of delicately grimy and sweetly shambolic riffs and energy. Maybe the Lips have finally found a partner in crime, or at least a knob-twiddling enabler, because the LP will surely be on a lot of best-of lists come December.


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