The Bobcat Benefit

Local bands love benefits. In fact, like the kid in class who needs to pee, they'll hold up their hands and scream "me, me" until they are booked onto the thing. The reason is simple: benefits pay the same as most of their regular gigs, but at least on a benefit bill they get to play the role of benevolent givers. And maybe someone will notice them.

This is not to make light of the fact that beloved longtime scenester Bob "Bobcat" Edwards, owner of the funky Heights establishment Dan Electro's Guitar Bar, needs help with his med bills after falling off a ladder while working on the sign in front of the joint. What a geezer like Bobcat was doing that high on a ladder begs the question of his judgment in these matters, but fall he certainly did, breaking an ankle and leading to a long and painful rehab that has nothing to do with kicking any habits. This two-day soiree incorporates most of the usual Dan's suspects: The Hates, The Drunks, Vatos Locos, Sky Blue 72 and Romeo Dogs, among others. Check Dan's Web site for the full two-day lineup, but doors open at 6 p.m. and the music runs until closing both days.


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