The Boneshakers

After Storyville, Malford Milligan (left) lives happily ever after in the Boneshakers.

After the demise of Austin's Storyville, there was really only one question: What about Malford? Mr. Milligan, the band's incredibly powerful vocalist, was too talented to simply plod along as a solo act with a revolving cast of players or occasionally gig with Double Trouble. Fortunately, he's joined up with the Boneshakers, an old-school blues/funk/rock act founded and guided by guitarist/vocalist Randy Jacobs, formerly of Was (Not Was).

The fit is musically exciting, with each man spurring on the best in the other. Comparable to the Kinsey Report and Mother's Finest, the band's third effort (and first with Milligan) is the solid Pouring Gasoline (Bad Monkey). Blistering yet compact, highlights include the club hook-up tune "Connected" and the sleazy fun of Frank Zappa's "Dirty Love." Both Jacobs and Milligan show a knack for duets, exchanging choruses with the ease of old friends on the soulful "What's Real Is True" and a funky "Golden Glitter." Finally, "Moe's Alley Brew" (named in honor of a favorite California club) is one of the best instrumentals to come down the pike in years, showcasing Jacobs's grimy-in-a-good-way guitar work.

The addition of Milligan has clearly juiced up Jacobs, who formed the Boneshakers in 1995. Though supporting players have come and gone (including vocalist Sweet Pea Atkinson), this new version of the group should prove an incendiary live act. Look for them to pull into town in a car with two driver's seats.


The Boneshakers with Lower Level

Sidecar Pub, 11202 Huffmeister

Wednesday, August 28. For more information, call 281-807-4040.

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