The Buddhacrush

Like we said earlier this year, Houston is Fusion City, and few local bands exemplify this unofficial title as well as the Buddhacrush. The men and women of this biracial band come from several different musical backgrounds. Violinist Amy Price is a former member of Celtic band Gordian Knot, saxman Todd "Skeets" Winegar is a reggae (King Cobra) and jam band (Pot Roast) veteran, and bass player Tom Jenkins comes from a jazz/rock background. Together with drummer Joseph Jackson and guitarist Ian Barry, they fashion adventurous groove pop fronted by Simply Red sound-alike Tim McGlashen. McGlashen's vocals slash over the crisp rhythms, while Price's fiddle and Winegar's sax swoop in with languid solos. At times McGlashen's vocals -- like those of Mick Hucknall -- are a little overdramatic, but the Buddhacrush's self-titled new CD (released in late November) is stamped with the imprint of some very skilled musicians.


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