The Business, with Roger Miret and the Disasters

It's been 25 years since the Business made worldwide headlines when riots broke out at a show at the Hamborough Tavern in Southall, London, during Britain's "summer of discontent." The venue was fire-bombed, and when the smoke finally cleared, the Oi! subgenre of punk had been tarred and feathered by the press and was ever after tainted with the stigma of being the music of Britain's far-right National Front. Unlike the 4-Skins and Last Resort, the Business, one of the more musical punk bands of their day, persevered and, as their latest album (Hardcore Hooligans) proves, if you stick with something for 25 years, you get pretty good at it.

Here in the Colonies, it doesn't get much more hardcore than NYC punk vet Roger Miret. After more than a dozen albums since 1982, the leader of hardcore icons Agnostic Front seems just as pissed off and socially committed as ever. He even has a tie to Houston, singing with local heroes Los Skarnales on their most recent album, Pachuco Boogie Sound System. Hectic doesn't even begin to describe this outstanding punk double bill.


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