The Cave Singers

A Seattle trio of erstwhile rockers, the Cave Singers cut the electricity upon forming in 2007 and dove headlong into an amiable, relatively laid-back variety of trad folk and folk-blues, sporting a touch of pop and given a curious edge via Pete Quirk's reedily textured lead vocals. But with last year's release of No Witch, the group's third album, the Cavers again plugged in for a sound that's rawer, grubbier, greasier and darker, influenced by haunted Appalachia, punk rock and North Mississippi hard blues. The precipitous duel between Quirk's ragged pronouncements and Derek Fudesco's wild guitar over Marty Lund's flailing drums on tunes like "Black Leaf" and "No Prosecution If We Bail" suggests the Stones in Muscle Shoals or Led Zeppelin's rootsier tangents.


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