The Death Set, with Matt and Kim

Luckily for Houstonians, this East Coast pack of semi-underground, hipster-friendly, DIY punks has scraped together enough gas money for its first Texas trip since last March's buzzworthy SXSW appearance. Scenesters may already be familiar with the ever-adorable, hip-hop infused noise of Matt and Kim, but the night's dark horse is the Death Set, punks from Baltimore via Brooklyn and Australia's Gold Coast. Led by the fun-size, screechy Johnny Siera (eye candy in Baltimore's often disheveled art-­collective scene), the Death Set's hyperactive pogo party will, after the ready-made singalong chorus of "Solve It" and swarm of infectious energy unleashed in "Negative Thinking," leave the audience in a post-orgasmic haze of release. Be on the lookout for Nirvana and Operation Ivy covers, as the Death Sets tend to throw in such nuggets of pleasure alongside their own drum-machine beats, upbeat synthesizer melodies and scratchy guitar.

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