The Donnas

The Donnas are back, bitches. After stumbling a bit on 2004's inexplicably downcast, unfocused Gold Medal, the Bay Area quartet returns to vintage Turn 21 form on sixth LP Bitchin'. They're in an especially randy mood this time out, too. Several songs ("Wasted," "What Do I Have to Do," "Like an Animal") outline the various ways singer Brett Anderson and her mates plan to get their rocks off, while brazen cuts like "Here for the Party" and "Better Off Dancing" detail their desire to rock the eff out and do whatever the hell they want. Woe to those who would deny them, like the trash-talking haters of "Girl Talk." In Allison Robertson's more-than-capable fingers, the guitars are back in overdrive with screaming riffage of the KISS/Judas Priest variety, while skintight drummer Torry Castellano ensures there's more than enough cowbell to go around. And when Anderson sings "Give Me What I Want," best take her at her word — what the Donnas want is to rock Meridian down to the ground, and rest assured they will.


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