The Doobie Brothers

We shudder to think at what classic-rock radio would do without the collected hits of the Doobie Brothers. They would probably be forced to play like, the Velvet Underground or The Stooges, and that just can't happen. If you have spent any time listening to the classic-rock airwaves for the past 20 years, you know the Doobies' catalog from front to back whether you want to or not, every giddy guitar lick and smoky piano line of their now 40-year career. You can imitate former member and vocalist Michael McDonald pitch-perfect on "What a Fool Believes," and by now we all know that there are really no samurai in the sleepy little town of China Grove, Texas. The band, still lorded over by the core duo of Tom Johnston and Patrick Simmons, can still pack a house to play their bedrock songs, like "Black Water" and "Long Train Runnin'." Their 13-piece ensemble isn't immune to extensive jamming either, stretching those cuts into marathon wonders.


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