The Eight Stupidest iPhone Music Apps

Apple's foray into the social-network field failed big-time last month with the release of Ping, the iTunes-linked program that promised to connect you to your favorite artists, as long as your favorite artist is Justin Bieber.

When it comes to iTunes, we at Rocks Off are a discerning sort. It takes a lot to get us to pay for an app, mostly because, like any other cheap junk, those 99-cent bits of data can accumulate quickly and lead to clutter. An app has to have good reviews, work as advertised, not be a unitasker, and most of all, it must provide a service worth paying for. That is, if we can do the same thing on our iPhone for free, why pay for the app?

This morning as we were downloading the Austin City Limits app in prep for this weekend (available for both Droid and iPhone), we got to thinking about the dumbest music apps we'd seen. And then we got to looking for them. Behold, the eight stupidest iPhone apps.

8. Christmas Music by nuTsie: Nothing feels more like hell than a crowded store in November blaring sentimental Christmas music. Yes, we know there are tons of holiday music lovers out there. Just call us Scrooge. The Christmas Music app features a dozen playlists of holiday-themed music, including one consisting solely of different versions of "Jingle Bells." Kill us now.

7. The Presidents of the United States of America: POTUSA's entire music catalog, available for less than $3. It doesn't say very much for the band, now does it?

The Eight Stupidest iPhone Music Apps

6. PET Bottling: Do you ever get a Coke out of the vending machine at work and, once the drink is gone, use the bottle like a thunderstick? How much is that soda usually? $1.50? The PET Bottling app promises, in broken English, that "You can play a acoustic instrument as like real PET bottle." It's $2.99. Congratulations. You just paid for the sound a piece of trash makes.

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