The Energy

"Live In Ruin," the first track on the The Energy's new album, Get Split, opens with crowd noise from Frampton Comes Alive!, the only album that was issued to you if lived in the suburbs, coming in the mail with samples of Tide in the '70s. We're not sure if this new collection from The Energy will be as ubiquitous in the suburbs as Alive!, but it sure as hell deserves your time and attention here and now, wherever you live. Building off the template from last year's aptly titled debut, The Energy's First Album, the brand-new Split adds slide guitar to the mix, along with the usual suicidal lyrics from lead singer Arthur Bates and the Adderall-sponsored drums of Josh Wolf. "Part-Bitch" and "Dog Teeth" were our favorites on the first spin, with closing track "Wastin' Tape" coming off like a demented Houston rock opera, clocking in at nine minutes and featuring rolling hills of riffs and itch-scratching claustrophobia. The band previewed the new disc on Record Store Day a few weeks ago, but at Rudyard's they should be playing the whole thing live.


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