The Festival at the Mink

In the wake of Summer Fest, Houston is quickly waking up to the fact that there's enough homegrown talent here to fill out a festival anytime somebody wants to throw one — like Saturday, for example. Despite its rather generic title, the Festival at the Mink offers eight full hours of some of Houston's most unique artists and performers, from Electric Attitude's four-on-the-floor riffery to Neon Collars' acid-kissed neo-soul. There's also Benjamin Wesley's self-contained electronic buskery, indie-pop piano men Your Kisses Cause Crashes, deceptively demure chanteuse Elaine Greer, Alkari's Killers-ish widescreen electro-rock, Yoko Mono's outer-space Latin balladry, Fake Believe's fist-pumping alt-rock and lots more, with DJ Mr. Castillo keeping it loose between sets. Come see what you've been missing.


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