The Gold Sounds

The Gold Sounds snuck onto Houston's indie music scene in 2008, grabbing attention with a classic blues-rock "boo." But then the Deer Park trio disappeared. "A lot of stuff kind of happened to us," says guitarist Chris Fuentes. "Our singer Sean [Donnelly], he had twins during that time, and our drummer [Dee Donnelly] just had a kid also." All the baby-makin' really cut into jam sessions. "We weren't really hanging out as much, but we're starting back up again," Fuentes says. "We're gonna be playing out a lot more and we finally got an album out." Seismic Love is the group's first release since its self-titled EP back in 2008. The new record is akin to the old, and even features some dusted-off EP tracks. "There's a little bit slower, softer stuff on there, and one that's maybe one of the heavier things we've done, but it's basically the same type of sound," says Fuentes. Sounds gold to us...get it?

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