The Handsomes

For nine straight years the Handsomes have hosted their traditional, attendance record-shattering Christmas party, and they'll do it again this year at the Continental Club with their brand of ska/reggae/funk/ know what? That's enough slashing. Suffice to say that when they start playing, we've never seen a single soul sitting still. You could define it as a mixture of 311, the Specials and Jason Mraz, or you could just shut up and enjoy it. They tear the roof off better than a twister, which will probably be a welcome bit of air conditioning since we end every Handsomes show covered in sweat, and not always our own. Joining them this year will be Thunderado, who you might have heard providing the soundtrack to the documentary Art Car: the Movie, which was released earlier this year. Any band good enough to have Kenny Aronoff on drums is good enough for us.


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