The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady are like Bruce Springsteen for indie-rock people who have far too many questionable tattoos and a massive record collection they've been meaning to sell off to make a down payment on a house. The band's fifth and latest album, Heaven Is Whenever, is their most grown-up outing so far, mixing elements of Boss-style crunge, a few passing glances at honky-tonk, with a new lyrical outlook. Lead singer Craig Finn has called this album the first where the band deals with "aging gracefully," while still keeping their partying side intact. Separation Sunday (2005) is still The Hold Steady's undisputed masterpiece, and as the years go by the band finds themselves increasingly becoming the patron saints of the record geeks at the bar. Get yourself ready for this show by spinning live LP A Positive Rage, which features one of their best, yet overlooked, gems in "Girls Like Status."


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